5 Easy Health And Fitness Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs


Looking for health and fitness tips for busy entrepreneurs? Well, you just found one! While you desire to lead a healthy life, the demands of entrepreneruship can sometimes make that only a dream. From endless meetings to employee management and everyhting in between, there almost seems to be no time for other things,including your health.

Most budding entrepreneurs are used to working till they almost drop. After all, who doesn’t want to see their dreams come to fruition ASAP? But a lifestyle of working super hard with little or no time for self-care is not sustainable.

Considering the gazillion targets and deadlines, getting dressed and hitting the gym seems like a luxury you can’t afford as a busy entrepreneur. Truth is, no one can sustain doing quality work for a long time without catching a breath. So, the earlier you incorporate some time for exercise and general self-care into your routine, the better.

We’ve curated some simple and easy to adapt health and fitness tips to help you get started on your new life as a health-conscious entrepreneur. These tips are broken down into practical and easy-to-implement steps to help you get started quickly so you have no more excuses! Think of this as a gentle nudge or a push towards the right direction.

Check out 5 practical health and fitness tips for busy entrepreneurs to get you get on course right away…

#1. Deliberately stay active

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As an entrepreneur, it is not far-fetched to be neck-deep in a new idea, only to have that consume your entire day. While ideas are great, it’s important to take out time every hour to move around. For example, use the stairs rather than the elevator, park farther away and walk, take random strolls, walk the dog, stretch, etc. This is indeed helpful to keep you fit.

#2. Be intentional about a healthier diet

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The general well-being of every human is dependent on diet, hence the saying ”you are what you eat”. No matter how busy you get, maintain a properly planned diet to get the best results. Observe these tips: eat lots of whole fruits in place of juices, replace late-night junks with healthier options like salads, nuts, and other natural snacks. In addition, try not to skip breakfast and avoid having tea or coffee with breakfast as it slows down the nutrient absorption process of your body.

#3. Create a work out routine

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Exercise, especially during early morning hours, helps boost your mood and releases feel-good hormones that get your day started right and keep your body awake all day. They say that anyone who fails to plan plans to fail, so always have a goal. Try starting off with a one-week workout challenge and pen down overall changes, then reward yourself. The reward system serves as motivation to do more. Once you realize that your business is dependent on your well-being, you will start to love your new morning routine.

#4. Sleep more, you workaholic!

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An entrepreneur is used to burning the midnight candle and that is understandable, but be intentional about getting more sleep. Schedule your sleep like you would schedule meetings and don’t compromise. Lack of sleep would eventually sap your productivity and make you aloof or cranky; no one wants to work with a Zombie or Dracula. So, boost your energy and business by prioritizing your sleep.

#5. Don’t miss your regular check ups

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A lot of health problems have been controlled just by early detection, so circle a date in your calendar and be devoted to meeting up with your health appointments. Better safe than sorry, late isn’t fashionable in this case.

When it hits home that health is indeed wealth and that your business would be better off with you healthy and sound, you will be more deliberate about your lifestyle choices, especially ones tied to health and fitness. Get started on your journey today back to excellent physical and mental health. You can thank me later.

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