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Fashion’s New “IT” Bag: Bucket Bags on My Christmas Bucket List

Fashion’s New “IT” Bag: Bucket Bags on My Christmas Bucket List


ucket bags soared the ranks of handbag fame 2015/ early 2016, partly because of minimalist accessories designer Mansur Gavriel. Since then, the international fashion scene began spotting the sleek silhouette and red lining of 2015’s It-bag on the sidewalk, clutched in the arms of stylish women and celebrities everywhere you turn. However, since then, bucket bags have outgrown its trend status and have become a wardrobe essential alongside cross bodies and other classic ‘IT’ bags.

While the bucket bag trend/craze is yet to catch on in these parts, with only a few cool kids spotting this latest “IT” bag, I predict us Nigerians will be all over buckets bags come 2017. So enough with all that history, here are some reasons that will make you fall in love with jucket bags just like I have – and I mean, madly in love.

  • The bucket bag has a universally appealing shape: It’s structured, but not too structured.
  • It is extremely fashionable but not too trendy.
  • They come in various sizes, designs and colors.
  • It can be used as a work or a weekend bag.
  • Its silhouette has been mastered by both luxury and high street retailers, so I’m talking wallet friendly prices.
  • For those of you who like cross-body bags, Bucket bags are the perfect blend between a cross-body and a Shoulder bags.
  • The mini Bucket bag is so versatile it can be transformed from a cross-body to Shoulder to Handled bag in one mood swing.
  • Talking about versatility, some others can also be transformed from totes to backpacks or knapsacks.
  • Best of all, bucket bags depending on the design can be unisex: see the Louis Vuitton piece below.

Perhaps you’re still sitting on the fence, here are some pictures of lust-worthy bucket bags including the very coveted Mansur Gavriel’s for your convincing. However, if after thrse, you haven’t still fallen in love with bucket bags, I’m afraid you never will.  *sheds a tear*

Bucket bags

Bucket bags designer pieces

Bucket bags Chanel






Cover Image: Mansur Gavriel/Instagram

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