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7 Reasons You Need To Add Charcoal To Your Beauty Routine

7 Reasons You Need To Add Charcoal To Your Beauty Routine


O ne morning we’re fanning the flames of that charcoal stove in preparation for the yummy jollof rice, and the next thing we’re scurrying around the beauty aisle looking for charcoal to meet one beauty need or the other. Amazing right?

The irony of how dear ol’ messy charcoal (which our mothers scolded us for picking up and dirtying our clothes) has become something essential in our beauty regimen is beyond surprising. But hey, it works and you might have to consider jumping on this healthy bandwagon.

Activated charcoal is made from coal (of course, you know you already know that) but has been exposed to high temperature and activating agents, and sometimes gas to expand its surface area. Simply put, activated charcoal is plain charcoal worked on to be used medically. Otherwise, you can think of it as charcoal on steroids. It was used to treat overdose and acute poisoning but has now been discovered to be great for the skin, hair, and teeth as well.

These reasons might convince you to add charcoal to your beauty routine… 

#1. Activated charcoal is great for deep cleansing

Photo: Ron Lach/Pexels

Activated charcoal is known for its deep cleansing ability. According to a study from 2019, it is able to enlarge the pores and enhance the cleansing of the skin by removing dead cells. Additionally, the pores reverted to their usual sizes within an hour of the treatment.

#2. It could reduce symptoms of fish odor syndrome

Photo: mali maeder/Pexels

According to HealthLine, “activated charcoal may help reduce unpleasant odors in individuals suffering from trimethylaminuria (TMAU), also known as fish odor syndrome.” Several studies have shown that “activated charcoal’s porous surface may bind to small, odorous compounds like TMA, increasing their excretion.”

#3. Charcoal is good for dandruff treatment


One of the causes of dandruff is oil and skin cell buildup. Using a charcoal shampoo or applying it on your head before shampooing can help eliminate dandruff.

#4. Charcoal is great for teeth whitening

Photo: Oleg Magni/Pexels

Charcoal is a purifying agent and when used to brush, it rids the teeth of plaque buildup and impurities. Hence, leaving it whiter than you remember. There are various types of charcoal toothpaste available at the stores or you can purchase charcoal, mix them with your toothpaste, and then proceed to brush normally.

#5. Charcoal is present in some face masks

Photo: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels

Since the discovery of its potency, charcoal has been present in several face masks. These masks are known to rid the skin of toxins and impurities for a much-needed glow. Charcoal can also be used as a scrub, toner, and moisturizer for dry skin.

#6. Charcoal can be used for acne treatment

Photo: Ron Lach /Pexels

People who have acne swear by the oil-balancing properties of these black rocks. They also fight blackheads and whiteheads. Finally, they keep the skin clear but have to be done right to accomplish that.

#7. Charcoal for skin irritation

Photo: Tatiana/Pexels

When an insect bite or that small kitchen cut gets infected, activated charcoal to the rescue! Add water to turn it into a paste then you can spread it across the affected area. It sucks up venom and soothes pain.

Life lesson: Sometimes, in getting your hands dirty you end up cleaning up nice. All hail the “dirty” purifier.

Featured image: Monstera/Pexels

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