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11 Of The Latest Spring Beauty Trends To Usher You Into The Season

11 Of The Latest Spring Beauty Trends To Usher You Into The Season


Without a doubt, beauty trends over the past year keep morphing, especially when it comes to creating room for ease and self-expression. As spring is slowly but surely drawing close, the latest beauty trends for spring 2022 are as flawless as they are unconventional. From face-framing curls to dewy skin and statement lids, your favorite beauty staples are in for a treat!

These spring beauty trends prove that less is more, but at the same time, they showcase a level of audacity with a touch of colors. Whether you’re looking for the best ways to show off your gorgeous melanin, or you simply want to bloom your way out of your comfort zone, these beauty hacks will effortlessly do the trick.

As we gradually transition into the wet, slightly warmer, and ethereal climate, an interesting play on colors and textures is becoming evident. Thanks to the global Spring 2022 catwalks and runway shows, makeup fads have been redefined for good. When it comes to skin, a fresh hydrated face with a hint of foundation and subtle eye shadow is almost all you need to achieve a natural glow.


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On the fun and edgy side of things, adding some personality to your eyes is everything chic and more this spring. With high-impact trends like deep smokey eyes and bold lips, as well as sparkly lids and dewy finishes, staying fabulous can be achieved with ease. 

Finishing off the spring beauty trend guide with hairstyles, naturalistas are embracing their curls in luscious fashion. The bar for healthy hair has been set high, and we’re absolutely here for it!

So if you need some inspiration for your spring beauty looks, we’ve got you! 

Check out 11 of the biggest beauty trends for spring 2022…


Muted/dewy skin

Healthy skin will always be in vogue and the Spring 2022 trend charts are proving it once again. Dewy skin began to hit a global peak sometime in 2020 as we were all confined in our homes and realized the importance of good skincare. (Maybe because we were expected to make up less often.) This trend toes the line between makeup and skin. Simply put, it’s about the hydration you get from moisturizers and the illumination highlighters and primers can offer your complexion.

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Smokey eyes

Some experts swear that the crux of makeup lies in how well the eyes are defined. This is likely the reason beauty enthusiasts spend most of their time discovering ways to highlight its beauty. This season, the beauty-ball seems to be rotating around smokey eyes as they offer an intense appeal to any look. Whether you opt for the timeless black variation or decide to pop with color, this trend will serve you well this Spring.  

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Stained lips

A solid color lip stain is a must-try for Spring 2022. As the flowers begin to adorn themselves in an array of colors, let your lips follow suit with bold lipstick and a personality to match! While red is a tried and trusted hue, you can also try some other interesting colors like orange, purple, and brown.  

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Graphic eyeliners

Back to the eyes, aren’t we? If you’re still “treading carefully” when it comes to making your eyes pop, you’re missing on a whole lot. But not anymore (we hope!). Graphic liners are an exciting try for Spring as they can be manipulated to fit your personality. That is to say, you can be as daring or as subtle as you choose, no one’s judging.

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Nude lips

Throughout history, any makeup that treads the line of natural-looking never disappoints, and this is the case with nude lipstick. It’s how effortlessly they mirror your lips as though they aren’t even there, yet still packing a defining effect that make them a personal favorite. Whether you opt for one that matches your lips or you go a tone lighter or darker, nude lips never miss.

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Yup, you knew this was bound to be here as these hairstyles never seem to go out of style. This Spring, however, there’s a catch: styling. How well you style your braids and locs is in direct proportion to how heavily you slay. That means, if you go regular, expect a regular slay (don’t be mad, we didn’t make the rules). If you don’t want to go all dramatic with your hairdo, you can stick to simple accessories like beads for an equally elevated vibe.

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Add some color

It’s Spring, color is definitely welcome! So, feel free to add a dramatic impact to your look with a little (or a lot) of color. Regardless of your hairstyle, a tasteful color pop may be just what you need to upgrade your slay to god-tier status. You’re welcome.

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Face-framing styles

Whichever route you may choose to go, a hairstyle that cradles your face is one worth trying. This styles undoubtedly complement your facial features, thus, putting your beauty on focus. Whether tight curls or voluminous waves, any hairstyle that frames your face is the answer to your: “what’s my next hairstyle?” question.  

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Blunt bob

Another Spring 2022 beauty trend is the blunt bob, and for good reason. We’re seeing a lot of celebs and influencers rock this hairstyle to a T that it’ll be a crime if you didn’t try it out as well. Should you be in need of an extra drama, then go platinum blonde and finish off with a red lipstick. They wouldn’t even know what hit them!

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Half-up, half-down ponytail

Earlier this month, we spotted American actress Taraji P. Henson in a braided half-up, half-down ponytail hairdo and we fell helplessly in love. Well, ‘Cookie’ is just one reason why you should try out this hairstyle, another being that it fits almost all face shapes! Whether you’re wearing silky-straight hair, braids, curls, or coils, you should at least go half-up, half-down once this Spring.

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Sleek wet curls

There’s something irresistibly sexy about this hairstyle, but sadly, we can’t seem to put a finger on it. Sleek wet curls can make any woman look like a goddess (or should we say mermaid?) worthy of worship. And with the right makeup to complement it, the spotlight will certainly be on you!

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