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#BuyNigerian: Womenswear Designer Toju Foyeh Releases New Bridal Collection – Beguile

#BuyNigerian: Womenswear Designer Toju Foyeh Releases New Bridal Collection – Beguile


One of Nigeria’s top womenswear designer Toju Foyeh has released her latest designs, a bridal collection called Beguile. Beguile as the word entails means to charm or entice someone which is one thing most brides will tell you they aim to do on their wedding day; to charm and entice their man and leave their guests wowed.

From pantsuits to trumpet gowns, this collection features a rich and diverse range of contemporary and traditionally-inspired gowns for the woman who isn’t afraid to be boldly feminine, fashion-foward and uber chic on her wedding day.

See the collection below.

2016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_152016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_162016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_112016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_62016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_72016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_82016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_42016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_22016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_32016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_102016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_92016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_52016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_12016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_142016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_192016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_132016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_182016-Toju-Foyeh-Beguile-Collection_17Designer: Toju Foyeh | @tojufoyeh
Photography: Big H Studios | @bighstudios
Makeup: Abeke Makeovers | @abekemakeovers
Model: Nwando Ebeledike | @thenwando
Hair: RaphealMaria | @raphealmaria
Jewellery: Tsegatti Gold | @tsegattigold
Bouquet: Aralia by Nature | @araliabynature
Assistant Photographers: @blvckcreed_ and Nonso Okoye | @nonso_okoye


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