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The Queen Reclaims Her Throne! A Peek At NICKI MINAJ’s Elle USA Cover

The Queen Reclaims Her Throne! A Peek At NICKI MINAJ’s Elle USA Cover


may have stated this one time too many times but I have no problem mentioning it again…2018 is a great year for the global music industry! Fresh faces and fresher voices have stepped in to revolutionize the industry just as the old music veterans are releasing new and better music proving they haven’t yet turned irrelevant, if anything, they’ve now grown to King/Queen status, an example is the queen of rap – Nicki Minaj!

With 2017 came a new rap icon – Cardi B who many saw as a threat to Nicki’s rap throne and status so “they” attempted to create a rivalry where none really existed. Cardi’s new career is definitely on the rise but Nicki has put her foot down to remind everyone that she is still the reigning queen of rap with the release of a new album aptly titled ‘Queen’ and now appearing on the July 2018 cover of Elle Magazine with the caption ‘The Queen Reclaims Her Throne’ released alongside an exclusive interview.

Nicki Minaj took to social media to talk about how excited she was to work with Karl Lagerfeld, Creative Director of fashion brands Chanel and Fendi (Fendi prints on *In Nicki Minaj’s voice*), and how it was a dream come true. She also explained several of the pictures and how they came about; from a photo with celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble who was working on her hair and was asked by Karl himself to stay in the frame to her Marilyn Monroe-esque picture taken with Karl.

This new cover feature, I believe, is symbolic of the new era the rap queen has stepped in to rule and how she will change the tide of rap music.

Take a look at some of the stunning images below…

Photo credit: IG | nickiminaj

To read Nicki’s full interview, visit Elle USA.

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