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The Fashion Cycle is Being Altered By Fashion Influencers: Here’s How

The Fashion Cycle is Being Altered By Fashion Influencers: Here’s How

The emergence of influencer marketing has changed the course of fashion forever. Armed with the most powerful social media of our time, Instagram, fashion bloggers have become a sort of a second wave of celebrities and are now collectively referred to as influencers.

Together, influencers across the world have revolutionized the global fashion and marketing industries and when we say that, we mean influencer marketing has become a $1.7 billion industry. To help you understand the effect of influencer marketing, we would be focusing on two recent hot trends; the Animal Print and Neon trends as a way to establish how the fashion cycle is being disrupted.

Before the emergence of Instagram, trends bubbled from the streets upward or flowed down from the runway; however, these days a viral trend can easily cause a disruption of fashion markets. It’s all about what the most popular stars on Instagram are into at the moment. This behaviour presents itself because consumers can now engage with the influencers in real time and this connection has allowed this industry to thrive and also for fast fashion companies to become even bigger.

Fast fashion companies like FashionNova and Misguided’s market structure revolves around influencer marketing and such companies, in turn, have aided the growth of the latest addition to the fashion system. Take for example in August 2018, the second eldest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kim wore a neon pink Yeezy dress to sister, Kylie Jenner’s birthday party. FashionNova immediately created a whole new collection from this look, propelling the neon trend to grow even faster.

The same can be said about the animal print, already established as a favourite for celebrities, influencers and the world fashion market. The ever-trendy fashion genre received two welcome addition – the snakeskin print which Kim Kardashian wore sometime in August 2018 and the cow print which Kylie Jenner wore in January 2019.

2018 saw a huge change in the fashion cycle. As opposed to trends trickling down from runways they are now affected by what’s trending on the image-sharing app. Brands like Christian Siriano and Off-White sent down neon looks for their Spring 2019 collections and the same was seen on the Fall 2019 catwalks where boilersuits and neutral tones were introduced. The stats show that these trends had been picking up steam on the gram.

With Instagram now boasting of over 1 billion users with more than 500 million daily users, the power of influencer marketing looks like it’s going to only become bigger.

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