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Simply Magical: Last Week’s Best Beauty Looks Were Spellbinding

Simply Magical: Last Week’s Best Beauty Looks Were Spellbinding


With the world opening up in bits and pieces, there’s plenty of beauty to go around. So, for out next trick, we will attempt to narrow down all the beauty we saw on Instagram into these magical, spellbinding looks. 

The women on our best beauty looks had a lot to show about the versatility of black beauty. From hairstyling to makeup styles and even accessories, we were in a for a sweet ride last week and nothing could have prepared us for the abundance after months of limited creativity.

The Hair 

Beyoncé was right to pay homage to her sister girl, Kelly Rowland in the song, Brown Skin Girl. Last week, Kelly was in a league of her own with her timeless beauty. Just look at how the center part bob hairstyle shows all the sharp angles of her face––so perfect!

This is something the bob hairstyle does with ease, it’s perfect for showing off that beautiful face structure as also seen on UK-based beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Jennie Jenkins.

Our cut life sisters were not left out of this week’s beauty roundup. Ugandan TV host Bettinah Tianah, and Atlanta-based hairstylist Tahirah served us the beauty of a colored buzz cut in blonde and lilac, respectively. 

The Makeup

Subtle glam looks ruled the digital space last week but that doesn’t mean colors were totally absent. From Zendaya’s rosy lips to Bettinah Tianah’s graphic eye liner to a pink lips and blue eyes mesmerizing glam beat by Nigerian makeup artist Bibyonce, there was no shortage of spellbinding looks.

Gold eye shadow remains a preferred look as seen on Jennie Jenkins, Ebonee Davis, Mihlali Ndamase and Ify Okoye, but it took on a new form as a number of the ladies matched their eyes with golden glossy lips. 

Check out the best beauty looks from last week…

Kelly Rowland


Jennie Jenkins



Mihlali Ndamase


Moyosore Olagunju


Ebonee Davis


Mrs Tahirah

Ify Okoye


Bettinah Tianah


Elizabeth Jack-Rich


Msnaturally Mary

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