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Clean Beauty: The Easy Way To Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Clean Beauty: The Easy Way To Wash Your Makeup Brushes


Your makeup brushes are something you use every day and keeping them clean is paramount in any girl’s mind. The thing is, there’s a right and wrong way to clean your makeup brush, and sadly, many follow the latter part. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are some easy ways to get the job done and we’ll be sharing that with you today.

We know that a dirty makeup brush is a bad idea. Not only because it ruins the makeup application process, but also because it isn’t good for your skin. Yes, it could be the reason for your unsightly breakouts.

Truth be told, the occasional wash doesn’t cut it and that might be the reason for the recurring breakouts on your face. It’s been advised by a good number of professional makeup artists to wash your makeup brushes at least once a week. It goes beyond the frequency of wash day to “the how” and you just might have been doing it wrong all along.

What do I use to wash my makeup brushes effectively?

  • The traditional soap and water: As regular as it sounds, this is very effective. The twist here is to use a mild soap as anything short of this would leave you with a dried-out brush.
  • Makeup brush cleaner: There are actual products created for this sole purpose, try them out.

Check out how to properly clean your makeup brushes like a pro…

With soap and water


What you need:

  • Mild soap
  • Clean water
  • Dry towel
  • Makeup brush scrub

How to:

  • Wet the brush with water but don’t soak it to avoid water seeping into the base
  • Put the soap on your hands and massage into the brush
  • Scrub the brush against the makeup brush scrub
  • Wash horizontally, so water doesn’t loosen the brush from the handle
  • Squeeze with a clean towel and rearrange the brush back to shape, then allow it to dry out with the bristles, not in direct contact with any surface

Some other ways to clean your makeup brushes

  1. Facial cleanser: Some beauty experts swear by this method. The theory is simple: if the facial cleanser can effectively clean your face in the mildest but most thorough manner, it’ll do your brushes no harm. This process will follow the same above, simply substitute the mild soap with a facial cleanser.
  2. Vinegar or baby shampoo: You can also opt to wash your brushes with other solutions like vinegar or baby shampoo. Check out these videos for a detailed guide on how to clean your makeup brushes with vinegar and baby shampoo.

With vinegar…

With baby shampoo…

See another genius way to clean your makeup brush…

Remember, no matter how often you wash your brush, if it’s starting to shed or lose its original shape then it has done its time and you have to let go.

Featured image: Ray Piedra | Pexels

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