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How To Select Your Wedding Jewellery Like A Pro

How To Select Your Wedding Jewellery Like A Pro

Jewellery plays a very important role in style and when it comes to bridal style, you could say it is a key element in making or breaking the perfect bridal look. As a bride, selecting your wedding jewellery is one of the more exciting tasks to complete once you’ve said yes to the dress, but there are few things to keep in mind while making your selections.

We get it, no one wants to follow the rules, everyone wants to be independently creative and that’s okay. However, don’t consider what we are about to share as rules – think of it more as a guide. After all, everyone needs a little guidance so as not to make mistakes that could be costly.


These few tips are tried and true; they will help you make the right decisions when selecting your wedding jewellery:

  1. Generally, when it comes to bridal jewellery, less is definitely more.
  2. As a rule of thumb, the busier the details and embellishments on your dress, the simpler your jewellery should be. So, do not overdo it. This rule can be broken when it comes to traditional wedding attires but for your white wedding, it’s best to make sure your pieces of jewellery do not outshine your dress. There’s only one star in this show – the dress – and your accessories are simply co-stars.
  3. Talking about the dress, before picking your accessories, be sure that you’ve chosen your dress, this way you can match your metals, whether silver or gold to the adornments on your dress. 
  4. Still on the dress; you have to pay close attention to the neckline and make sure your earrings and/or necklace complement the neckline of your dress. 

The most important thing is picking jewellery that complement the overall style of your wedding and reflect who you are; sophisticated, simple, classy or laid-back.

We’ve rounded up some bridal jewellery ideas for your inspiration…





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