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How To Become A Fashion Designer

How To Become A Fashion Designer



ometimes, the passion stems from desiring to put pieces together or a tailor that disappoints. Whichever one it is, you’re obviously fired up and ready to become a fashion designer.

Who is a fashion designer?

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A fashion designer is a person who sketches their original designs, select fabrics for it and supervises the making of their masterpiece. Fashion designing is a highly competitive and glamorous industry that attracts people like bees to a beehive. However, one thing is sure: if you put in the work, the result is always evident. There’re no hard and fast rules on how to become a fashion designer, but there are surefire guidelines that have withstood the test of time.

No successful person in fashion became an overnight success. They stayed committed to their dreams and worked to make them a reality. Nevertheless, the more experience and expertise you gather, you better you increase your chances of success and the world of fashion will eventually open up to you.

Try out these tips on your journey to becoming a fashion designer…

1. Train as a fashion designer

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There’s so much to learn as a fashion designer and it’s a continuous process. Trends will keep giving way to trend and with those come new sketches, cutting, sewing amongst other things. If you want to go far in this competitive industry, an education can’t be over emphasized. It really doesn’t matter if you naturally piece things together, that fashion degree is a plus. Most top fashion designers have fashion and marketing degrees as an advantage. Although you can still become successful without a degree or diploma, trainings are important.

2. Become an intern with an experienced fashion designer

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There’s a lot you could learn through internship. It bridges the gap between novice and professional quickly. This would prepare you for the firsthand business side of fashion because beyond creativity and love for clothing, there’s a how to make sales. It doesn’t get more practical than this. Finally, an internship experience can equally serve as a boost to your portfolio.

3. Develop the ability to spot trends

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It’s one thing to have fashion designing skills, and it’s another to get stuck in what you know while the world around you is constantly evolving. There are always new trends every season that you should be willing to incorporate in your designs. You can stay in the know by watching out for the runway trends, checking out fashion industry journals, websites like Style Rave, and of course, Instagram.

4. Choose a niche for yourself

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The fashion world is so broad you could get lost trying to do everything every time. Define the type of designing you want to specialize in and try getting a good grip on that before branching out into other aspects. This also helps in building your brand. Whether you’re starting your own company or choosing to work for someone, it’s important to zone in on a particular aspect of fashion to help hone your skills into expertise. This will also help you decide what your unique selling proposition would be.

5. Network with other fashion designers

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To become a fashion designer, you need to spread across your contacts and go beyond your comfort zone. This is not the time to stay home stalking your favorite designers on the internet. Go out there, attend events, reach out to fashion influencers, widen your reach. Doing this will come in helpful in brand recognition and sales.

6. Study the competition

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There are people who are already doing what you’re doing and are successful in it. Try finding out what makes them tick. Whether it’s the source for their materials, their strategies, or what their customers love. Don’t ever underestimate the competition.

7. Be a little patient

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Just because you’ve gotten the right knowledge, skills, and even capital doesn’t necessarily mean you’re automatically in. You still need to put in the work, remain consistent, positive, and most importantly, patient. This is because the industry is such that requires you proving your tenacity in the long run. Whoever said it was going to be easy lied to you but if you don’t quit, success is promised.

Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.Vivienne Westwood

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