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Here’s What We Think Of CIARA’s New Song ‘Level Up’

Here’s What We Think Of CIARA’s New Song ‘Level Up’



ith new music stars breaking through and gaining popularity, securing award nominations and taking home award trophies every other week, we occasionally forget classic artistes who, once upon a time, made us dance and sing out loud. With our short memory span, these singers from time to time have to remind us that they are still as amazing and talented as ever by releasing new music that has us all enthralled and fawning over them once again; that is the case with veteran American singer Ciara‘s new release ‘Level Up‘.

Ciara’s discography comprises of hits like Body Party, Like A Boy, 1,2 Step and so much more, which all shaped and influenced my taste in music till date. One of the things that made Ciara stand out from singers was topnotch dancing skill – the same way that additional talent separates Beyoncé and Michael Jackson from the crowd. Her ability to merge her vocals and dancing in her music is well known and in her latest song, Level Up, she doesn’t disappoint.

The vocals of Level Up are energetic and make you want to bust a move or two or make you want to work out a bit more. Ciara’s voice is as great as ever and sounds as sensual as it did in I Bet and as energetic as it did in Body Party. The visuals of Level Up are much more simplistic but just as amazing. In the video, Ciara is surrounded by several female dancers, all dropping hot moves on the dance floor. The choreography is brilliant but that’s really no surprise; come on, it’s Ciara here!

Although a great song in its own right, I can’t help but feel Level Up lacks a few things to make it powerful enough to serve as a major comeback which is what Ciara needs after being out of the game for a minute. However, this may simply be a taste of better things to come and we are very hopeful.

Watch ‘Level Up’ here!

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