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Ghanaian Womenswear Brand ‘S.H.E By Bena’ Releases A Stunning New Collection

Ghanaian Womenswear Brand ‘S.H.E By Bena’ Releases A Stunning New Collection

Luxury Ghanaian womenswear brand S.H.E by Bena presents her ‘Ohemaa‘collection which is inspired by the diverse authenticity of the interwoven tribal fabric “Kente”.

Typical of the Ghanaian brand, the S.H.E By Bena collection is class personified, with well structured and detailed pieces, intricately styled and matched to provide the perfect balance and to highlight the vibrancy of the Kente fabric without being over excessive.

The colours of the Kente fabric have significance to them; they have a reflective and clear meaning. The brand’s creative designer Sheelah Garbarah shared the meaning and name of each of the woven fabrics, highlighting the essence of each combination and what they reveal.

Take a look at the S.H.E By Bena collection…

OHEMAA | Lookbook

S.H.E By Bena

Kente name ~ Edwinsidwinso

Colours ~ Red and Yellow
Red ~ Signifies strength, passion and courage
Yellow ~ Signifies fertility and beauty

S.H.E By Bena

S.H.E By Bena

Kente name ~ Nsatia nyinaa nnye pe

Colours ~ Yellow and Blue
Yellow ~ Signifies royalty and wealth
Blue ~ Signifies peacefulness, harmony and love

S.H.E By Bena

Kente name ~ Nkyenkyen

Colours ~ Green and Gold
Green ~ Signifies growth, harvest, health and rejuvenation
Gold ~ Signifies royalty, wealth and glory

Kente name ~ Nkyenkyen

Colours ~ Orange and Purple
Orange ~ Signifies joy, success and determination
Purple ~ Signifies femininity and grace

S.H.E By Bena

Photo Credit: IG | Shebybena

Creative Team 

Model: @its_yeeyee
Makeup Artiste: @lawrebabe_mua
Photograph: @phloshop
Headpiece: @traditionsgh
Creative Director: @dharrren
Kente Fabric: @wefts_by_jay

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