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From New York to London and Milan to Paris, Here are 10 Super Cool Styling Tricks To Know From Fashion Month

From New York to London and Milan to Paris, Here are 10 Super Cool Styling Tricks To Know From Fashion Month


Just in case you’ve been under a rock, the last couple of weeks have been the most defining timeline for fashion come 2017. Designers have taken to Fashion Week presentations and runway shows across some of the world’s major fashion capitals, New York, London, Milan and Paris to showcase the creativity, innovation and style that is their Spring/Summer ’17 collections. Most of which will form the trends that fashionistas all over the world will swear by in 2017.

As a Fashion Editor and Stylist, I’ve been following Fashion Week closely and I must say, I’ve picked up a few styling tricks here and there as seen on the catwalk from New York to Paris. Most of which I will be sharing in today’s article. Easy to master and apply to your day-to-day wardrobe, these tricks involve a lot of mix & matching and so there’s no need to splurge on new clothes.

Thank me later because the tricks I’m about to share with you will guarantee your place in the league extraordinaire of trendsetters, much like the fashion bloggers and celebrities you adore.

Styling Trick #1 : The Layered Off-Shoulder Look

off-shoulder top with long sleeve under by christopher kane

Do it like Christopher Kane and layer an off-shoulder top over a tank top or better still, try it with a long sleeve shirt.

Styling Trick #2: The Ribbon X Crop Top Look

white crop top by alexander wang

How much crop is too cropped? If you think your crop top is too cropped or just bland, add a little oomph to it the Alexander Wang way by crisscrossing a ribbon around your waist or down your midriff.

Styling Trick #3: The Rebellious Mismatched Earrings Look

mismatched earrings on model for jwanderson

Don’t know what to do with your old earrings? Especially those missing a side? Make a statement by pairing two mismatched earrings. Be it in a different design, shape or colour. Go hard or go home with this bold look.

Styling Trick #4: The Unapologetic Layered Corset Look


If you’ve always wanted to strut around in your bustier during the day time but didn’t have the balls like Kim K. Well here’s your chance, simply layer your bustier / corset over a thin T-shirt, a la Tibi, pair with jeans or a skirt, and viola, you’re good to go.

Styling Trick #5: The Naughty Layered Crop Top Look


Transition a crop top in true Prada fashion by layering it with a crisp button down shirt. How cool is that?

Styling Trick #6: The Effortless Flash Shoulder Look


Flash shoulders is a major trend, but what happens when you don’t have any flash shoulder pieces? It’s easy, do it like the models at Monse, slouch your plain white shirt to the side by unbuttoning the first 2 to 3 buttons for relaxed look.

Styling Trick #7: The Oversized Sweatshirt On a Mini Look


Have you always wanted to wear an over sized sweatshirt in this humid tropical weather? Well here’s your chance to beat the heat and slay all at once. Rock your sweatshirt a la Dolce and Gabbana, all by itself or with an itty bitty shorts underneath.

Styling Trick #8: The Recycled Bridesmaid Look


Don’t know what to do with all 27 bridesmaid dresses you’ve accumulated in the last 3 years? Wear your bridesmaid dresses again just as the models in Rochas by pairing it white a complementary shirt, a nice top or a sweater.

Styling Trick #9: The Uber Cool Extra-Long Sleeves Look


Let DKNY give you the perfect reason to ditch your cuff-links and rock your shirt sleeves extra-long.

Styling Trick #10: The Bold Cross Body Ruffles Look


Do it like MSGM and wear your ruffles proudly on your chest. Fish out your old ruffled scarves, detachable peplum belts and even ruffle skirts (if you’re brave enough), drape them across your chest like you would a cross body bag and bam! That’s a new outfit right there!

Which of these style tips will you be trying soon or come 2017? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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