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10 Simple Tricks To Looking Better In Pictures

10 Simple Tricks To Looking Better In Pictures


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? After your mirror’s done hyping you, you pick up your phone for a selfie, but can’t seem to get the right shot. Although this scenario is very relatable, it’s equally very frustrating. Yet, there are some things anyone can do when the goal is looking better in pictures, and guess what? They are super, duper easy!

The likes of Kim Kardashian and Toke Makinwa must have a well-kept secret because their back-to-back selfie game has proven there are indeed tips and tricks that anyone can employ to look great in pictures. Yes, you’ve just purchased the latest smartphone with a laser-fine camera and also the brightest ring light, but that’s just the starting point. There’s more to consider and we’ll be sharing these secrets with you. Happy?

Check out these easy and effective tricks to looking better in pictures…

#1. Use a mirror

Photo: mentatdgt/Pexels

A mirror can be your greatest ally in determining how your photo turns out. Get in front of one and strike several poses until you get comfortable with it. Initially, it may seem odd to you, but stay the course and the process could prove super helpful.

#2. Be yourself

Photo: Guilherme Almeida/Pexels

Okay, we know that trying to look good in pictures can make you take on a personality that isn’t you just to look cool. Inasmuch as this can be tempting, don’t fall for it as the “fakeness” will be visible in the photos. Be yourself. Smile like you, laugh like you, and pose like you because who you are is all you need to be. Taking photos isn’t like climbing a mountain so take a chill, it’s not that serious.

#3. Find out what works best for you

Photo: Anna Shvet/Pexels

This would involve a little study of your previous images. Check out the poses that worked and steer clear of those that didn’t. Also, consider the filters you’ve used before and which of the results you prefer. If you find it difficult to hone in on something, then you can recruit the help of your close friends and family. Don’t they just come in handy? Knowledge is still power.

#4. Play with your angles

Photo: Gian Cescon/Unspalsh

The line between you and a popping shot might be the angle you position your camera. Ever wondered why your face looks fatter when you position the camera beneath your chin as opposed to a side view? You get it. Try different angles (try not facing the camera fully) and you’ll find that there would be ones that flatter your face the most. Practice your smile; which looks better? Are your eyes better wide or dim? Try it all and stick to what works but remember to keep searching and adding to what works.

#5. Improve your lighting

Photo: Wesley Carvalho/Pexels

Lighting is an important factor when it comes to looking better in pictures. If you’re using a ring light, position it in a manner where the light isn’t blasting off directly on the face because it could lead to overexposed shots. Keep setting the light until it’s in tune with your skin tone. That’s how you achieve the GLOW UP (the same goes for sunlight).

#6. Avoid being static

Photo: Jeffery Erhunse/Unsplash

Lots of picture “experts” swear by this principle. Don’t just stand and smile robotically at the camera. Laugh, swirl, pout, jump, and keep moving while the shots are taken. Some of those Insta-ready images are found in these moments of being free.

Note: This doesn’t mean you can’t hold a pose unless blurry shots are the goal. Just explore other options than the smile you’ve been practicing for a fortnight. Ultimately, relax and have fun.

#7. Be dynamic

Photo: Jeffery Erhunse/Unsplash

Honestly, no one can keep up with a plain background, arms akimbo, and a plastic smile for too long. When it comes to looking better in pictures, think props, location scouting, and any other idea that keeps the ball rolling. A vintage telephone, a horse at the beach, and/or a purse at hand. This provides you with options and a burst of fresh ideas.

#8. Emphasize your outstanding features

Photo: Brittani Burns/Unsplash

Undoubtedly, there are parts of our bodies we feel better about and other parts we are not so proud of. This isn’t about body favoritism (whatever that means…lol) or an attempt at dampening the body positivity message. Simply put, if you’ve got it, flaunt it — albeit moderately. For example, I love my bold eyes, and when in doubt, a selfie for the road has never failed. That’s a surefire way of looking better in pictures.

#9. Look the part

Photo: @elfonnie/Instagram

Once you get your makeup perfectly sitting and in sync with your skin tone, the next step is choosing outfits that flatter your figure. Choose what works for your body type and stun. There’s a different kind of confidence that exudes from being comfortable in your skin. Once you like what you see, it’s easier to take it from there.

#10. Keep practicing

Photo: cottonbro/Pexels

There’s an ease that emanates from constant practice and it reflects in the shots. Practicing different poses, angles, and becoming relaxed and confident in pictures will have you looking better in pictures.

Hopefully, these tips would set you off on your journey to incredible images. Lights. Camera. Action.

Featured Image: Jeffery Erhunse/Unsplash

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