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Blonde Hair Don’t Care: How African Beauties Are Rocking The Blonde Hair Trend

Blonde Hair Don’t Care: How African Beauties Are Rocking The Blonde Hair Trend

Who says black girls can’t handle blonde hair? Quit searching for a new hair colour to try when there is one that is winning right now. And if you need inspiration close to home, let these 7 African beauty influencers show you how to rock blonde hair the 2019 way.

There are so many hair colours; an array of hues and shades but there’s a colour that we keep coming back to asides from, black and brown of course, and that is BLONDE! Agreed, the blonde hair trend is nothing new really but it’s back and this time, it’s hotter than ever.

Our dark skin is such a beautiful and rich tone, so much that we can actually wear any hair colour and look great with it. Wearing blonde, no matter what shade helps to make our skin glow even more. So if you didn’t know why the colour is so much loved, especially right now, now you do.

You must have seen Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Ciara and many other women in Hollywood embracing the ferocity of blonde hair over the years. To help you join the golden-haired girls, we’ve compiled a list of African beauties who have recently jumped in on the blonde hair trend.

Be inspired…

Go Short!


Go Medium!


Go Long!


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