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WATCH: Bestie Shenanigans by Wofai Fada + Style Diary

WATCH: Bestie Shenanigans by Wofai Fada + Style Diary

Wofai Fada
Comedienne Wofai Fada

Iam even laughing as I type this ’cause Wofai Fada can crack a dead body. How does she even think up these shenanigans? She is a “Comedienne Like No Other” as christened by Indomie. (PS: Indomie Noodles recently endorsed her as brand ambassador).

Wofai creates relatable contents on her social media page, portraying everyday life in the most hilarious ways. Anyone can easily relate with her reenactment of typical boyfriend scenarios, shopping behavior, social media behavior and others.

Wofai’s ‘bestie’ shenanigans recently got me laughing my a$$ off. Who knew that your best friend having a boo could cause you to suddenly become invisible or you could go “take off those pics from social media” because you’re watching your best friend’s back. lol!

Seeing how she portrays these basic moments for us to watch and laugh at ourselves (cos darn, it mirrors us) just cracks me up, totally.

Also Did you know Wofai was Haute like that? You would think that she is too goofy to pay attention to style. No dear, she’s got swag.

Catch Wofai Fada Off-duty and in style in these stunning photos we have curated for you.

But first watch her ‘bestie shenanigans’.


+ Wofai Fada’s Style Diary…

Wofai FadaWofai FadaWofai FadaWofai FadaWofai Fada

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