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Arise Fashion Week 2019: Loza Maleombho Unveiled An Edgy Yet ‘Africantastic’ Collection

Arise Fashion Week 2019: Loza Maleombho Unveiled An Edgy Yet ‘Africantastic’ Collection

Loza Maleombho on Day 2 (April 20) of the Arise Fashion Week showcased a collection that was alluring while at the same time giving off an Avant-garde vibe. It was clear from the start that Loza’s collection was a hybrid one.

On the side of practically, we’d rate it average, however, on the side of being daring or even radical, the items of clothing that appeared on the runway had that edgy flow and we’d easily give it an A score.

It’s always fun and interesting to watch a designer come up with fantastic designs using a fresh approach or transforming a common piece into a masterpiece.

With this collection, Loza Maleombho married different types of clothing items in a powerfully Afrocentric way that we’ve never seen before. This statement doesn’t even sound that effective until you see Loza’s “Africantastic” collection. Yes, it was fantastically African!

There were lots of deconstructed elements including jackets, vest and skirt attached with bottoms. These combinations offered a new form of femininity to the pieces. Think oversized silhouettes with cutouts and some waist cinching effects. The eccentrics of the collection was even more pronounced because of the well-considered runway styling; the type that is hard to replicate.

Here, we’ve selected some of our favourite pieces from the collection…

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