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#SRCOTD: 11 Chic Ways To Paint The City Purple

#SRCOTD: 11 Chic Ways To Paint The City Purple

In 2018, Pantone declared ultraviolet, a shade closely related to purple, as the colour of the year. This definitely brought the colour and its accompanying shades back into the spotlight and they’ve lingered on with no signs of early departure. So when we refer to purple in this article, just think of all the imaginable variations of violet and purple.

Going back to our primary colours, purple is a shade gotten when you mixed red and blue. PS: If you ever mixed red and blue inks together in primary school, then you can definitely relate! This then means that the range of hues belonging to the purple family are endless, especially when you begin to add a little bit of black or white to it.

From dark purple to lilac to the in-between colours like orchid, mulberry, and red-violet, often confused with pink, purple is one colour that needs to take the front seat in your wardrobe this season.

The tone has always been associated with royalty, nobility, power, ambition, opulence, wisdom, creativity, dignity, passion, vitality and more. From the psychology of purple, it is one colour that combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. So if you’re looking to add some pizazz to your style and a fiery balance to your wardrobe, think purple!

The idea of wearing purple might be scary for some. However, the trick is to start with the minutiae. You can gradually build up from accessories and then graduate with an all purple outfit.

@Alexandralapp in a daring purple mix

Purple works well with blue, silver, gold, yellow and also does very well with its sisterly shades. For a daring effect, pair your purple with orange or red like influencer Alexandra Lapp did above. If you really want to keep things safe, pair it with neutrals.

To get you started on the right path, we have curated 11 influencer-approved ways to rock purple for almost any occasion – from casual to formal.

Let these style stars guide you on how to look royal in purple…


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