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Are The Ikejis Nigeria’s Kardashians?

Are The Ikejis Nigeria’s Kardashians?

Nigerian Celebrity News: Linda Ikeji And Family Take Cannes

Just like the Kardashians, the Ikejis can be hard to keep up with but we can all agree that somehow the Ikeji sisters stay winning at all they do. While Linda Ikeji mainly travelled to Cannes, France for a presentation on Linda Ikeji TV (LITV) at the Nigerian International TV Summit at the MIPtv event, she took her family along for the ride.

Apparently, what happens in Cannes doesn’t stay in Cannes but litters our TL. The Ikeji sisters are surely living the life they dreamed of – from shopping at luxury designer stores to making one boss move after the other.

nigerian celebrity news  Laura Ikeji  family vacation
Laura Ikeji Kanu

With every look they shared, it was obvious that the family took the city in style. Let’s get into how they did it…

Linda Ikeji

Linda didn’t leave her usually safe style game at home. In one of her looks, the self-acclaimed stylist delivered a sleek corporate chic ensemble in an Anne Fontaine shirt and Balmain pants.

nigerian-celebrity-news-linda ikeji
Linda Ikeji

She also delivered other stylish casual and business-ready looks befitting of her boss chick status.

celebrity family vacation

Laura Ikeji Kanu

If Linda is the Kim of the family then Laura is the Kylie as she’s steadily building her own empire off the Ikeji brand. She brought her eclectic style servings to Cannes.

In one look, she stepped out with her cute son ROK, in matching denim on denim outfits, similar to a look Linda wore the previous day.

celebrity family vacation
Linda Ikeji and Laura Ikeji Kanu

The Globetrotters are style rivals on Instagram who leave their followers wondering whose style to crown ‘the best.’ They took their fashion battle to Cannes as Linda playfully shaded her sister on Instagram: “Linda Ikeji at Cannes on April 7th. Laura Ikeji at Cannes, April 8th. Need I say more?” We dare to ask, who wore it better? But you really don’t have to answer because the Ikeji girls are giving us hot hot.

On a more serious note, we love how these super moms place a priority on family. Baby J and ROK were not left out of this funtastic vacay as their moms steady flaunted them with pride — which had us whispering “oh my ovaries” but like they say “the hand that rocks the cradle usually is attached to someone who isn’t getting enough sleep.” 

Laura proved that she didn’t come to play as she stepped into the streets strutting in a dramatic ruffled orange dress from Tiannahs Place Empire. She posted, “I feel like unblocking all my haters so they can enjoy this trip with me, No or yes?”

celebrity family vacation

There’s no dull moment with Laura as she keeps things fun every time; this yellow blazer and floral mini skirt look proved this point.

Benita Ikeji

Their baby sister Benita Ikeji wasn’t left out of the style game as the more reserved one also posed in simple yet equally fashionable looks.

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 Nigerian celebrity news linda and laura ikeji
Linda and Laura
Laura, Benita, Chief Ikeji, Mrs Ikeji, Linda and Peks

Nigerian celebrity news laura ikeji

Nigerian celebrity news linda ikeji
Linda Ikeji
celebrity family vacation
Peks Ikeji, Laura and ROK

We draw the curtains with this, “If they don’t give us how will we take?”

Photo credit: IG | As Captioned

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