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Pearls, Petals And Stones! Cardi B’s Nail Game Is A Work Of Art

Pearls, Petals And Stones! Cardi B’s Nail Game Is A Work Of Art

Talented rapper, singer and song writer Cardi B has been trending in the entertainment industry for a while now. Her 2017 hit song ”Bodak Yellow” has become an anthem of some sort. This super talented and controversial artiste doesn’t just have us talking about how good she raps and sing, but also about her style and manicure looks because asides her goofy and fun personality, the rapper’s 3d nail designs are definitely  one to watch out for.

The rapper’s wittiness transcends not only to her look but to her manicures. Whether you’re a fan or not, you certainly must have noticed that her nail game is tight! This lady doesn’t play when it comes to her manicure and she sure flaunts it for all eyes to see.

The creatively detailed and structured nail designs are hard to miss, Cardi B’s nail designs gets the spotlight close to that diamond rock of hers and its all thanks to  talented nail artiste ”Nails on 7th by Jenny” who continues to wow us with her intricate designs.

Looking to try more dramatic and exciting nail designs, then get inspired by Cardi B’s!

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