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Fashionista Spotlight: Meet The Super Stylish Mimi Yina!

Fashionista Spotlight: Meet The Super Stylish Mimi Yina!

Our spotlight is on Instagram fashion sensation Mimi Yina a.k.a @medlinboss. Mimi is MD/CEO of Medlin Couture, stylist, personal shopper, and fashionista to the core. Tall, dark and beautiful, she can pass for a model any day. With over 55K followers on IG, Mimi delivers her personal fashion and style and inspires many daily. What’s also intriguing about her is that she looks great in whatever ensemble she throws on – be it business, casual, street, or traditional as you will see in the gallery we’ve curated above.

If you’re ever in need fashion inspiration or often wonder what colour combinations go well together, Mimi is the one to follow –  she’s definitely mastered the colour game and doesn’t shy away from bright colours!

What do you think of Mimi’s style? 

Cheers and stay in style!

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Photo credit: @medlinboss


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