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15 Thanksgiving Nail Ideas That Will Prove To Your Family You’ve Leveled Up

15 Thanksgiving Nail Ideas That Will Prove To Your Family You’ve Leveled Up



here’s something about the festive season that makes you want to look the part. Perhaps, it’s the lineup of events you’d love to attend or the sheer satisfaction of feeling confident in your skin. Regardless of which, the festive season has a way of reminding us that a total slay is the only way to go, even when it comes to our nails. Yes, your nails say a lot about your personality, and that’s why you should always keep them looking their best.

The festive season is here, and this is the perfect time to book your nail appointment. Are you booked for a family dinner with your nosy auntie or your cousin who never stops reminding you why her life is better than yours? Of course, we dress up for ourselves half the time, but there are times when you let your outward appearance put individuals in the place. Let’s call it revenge nails this season. It’s time to level up and let your mani do the talking.

These Thanksgiving nail ideas are what you need to keep your looks right…

#1. A brown affair

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It seems that Autumn’s favorite hue is brown. Combine two shades of brown to achieve a monochromatic feel. Pray your little nephew doesn’t mistake it for chocolate, because they are as yummy as they look.


#2. Magnetic nails

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The shimmery magnetic nails with their out-of-this-world vibe are a fun way to show up at any event this season. They introduce a whimsical and chic side of you—you’ll get second looks, but not because they think your nails are outrageous.

#3. Jelly tips

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When you need something less sturdy, the jelly tips are the perfect ally. These 90s nails are perfect for the Holidays. Rock them effortlessly for a Christmas dinner or fun fair. If you’re feeling festive, make it red. These fall nail ideas almost feel edible.

#4. Metallic accents

Let the metallics steal the show this season. Apart from being one of the hottest Thanksgiving nail ideas, metallics are the hottest they’ve ever been. From Style Rave to Pinterest and Instagram, you’d be spoiled for inspiration sources.

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#5. Cat eye nails

This trend depicts mostly cosmic inspirations and is a good canvas for experimentation. Choose a silver Mani for an intergalactic representation.

#6. Foil it

A few foil accents here and there, and your nails start acting brand new. Nail artists never seem to run out of creativity with this one. Depending on your choice, they can be simple, classic or full-on bold. We think easing off on the nail polish would let the foil infusions shine.

#7. Matte Mani

Clock in the most consistent nail trend of 2022, and matte will stay winning. Play with your matte by making the tips glossy gel paints. This combo is stunning and dripping in finesse.

#8. A white soiree

White nails are still hot now, especially acrylic versions, and if you ever run out of Thanksgiving nail ideas, sprinkle in some white thoughts in the form of press ons, and it’s a wrap.

#9. Swirls

These Thanksgiving nail ideas would have you serving main character energy. They make a statement without being loud. The swirls allow experimenting with multiple colors, and if you’re feeling fall-ish, choose muted tones.

#10. Green-ish

Glossy green gel polish with subtle hints of gold speaks to Christmas in us. A great way to spark up a holiday convo everywhere you go. And they’re mature and feminine, too. If you feel that longer variations are too much for you, opt for short nails.

#11. Florals

If you’re already into the festivities of the season, but wish to keep it traditional, opt for floral nails with the typical autumn shades.

#12. Reverse French mani

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An easy way to slay these semi-moon Manis is to experiment with colors. Keeps things interesting because there’s no room for boring this festive season.

#13. It lies in the lilac

Lilac is one color that’s bright but soothing, and that’s why they top this year’s Thanksgiving nail ideas. They say “I’m that girl” without even trying.

#14. Abstract neutrals

These nails will check all the right fall boxes. From the color choices to abstract designs, they are simply modern.

#15. Nudes

The only nudes you’ll send this festive season are your nails—if done right. When in doubt, opt for the classic nude tones. It’s nearly impossible to miss.

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