10 Ways To Let Your Shoulders Speak With Your Next Aso Ebi Look!

From Rave-worthy Aso ebi looks to just slaying in casual looks, every weekend gives ladies an opportunity to show off in their best. When you are asked to honour a celebration, dressing the part is expected and with the temperatures at their highest, what better way to show up than showing off a little skin.

Flaunting some skin gives you that feminine power; a way of saying that you are beautiful, love your body and are not afraid to flaunt it. But how you do it with your Aso ebi looks without being risqué or looking cheap is what matters. It isn’t true that looking and feeling sexy has to be done in a short or overly revealing outfit. The secret sauce is basically to show some skin with one half of your body whilst keeping the other half more covered.

We’ve also discovered that the best way to do it is to let your shoulders do all the talking which is why these Aso Ebi looks are currently trending and favoured by top Style Ravens like Nollywood actress Sharon Ooja, and hair entrepreneurs Chioma and Kika of Good Hair Ltd.

Here are 10 designs to help you flaunt your shoulders in style with your next Aso Ebi look.

Be inspired!

aso ebi looks
aso ebi looks
aso ebi looks
aso ebi looks

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